ImageSoft TrueCertify

What is TrueCertifyTM

TrueCertifyTM provides a way to deliver and authenticate certified documents electronically. The traditional process involves applying a raised seal to a paper copy of the document. The seal alerts the recipient that an independent authority stands behind the document’s authenticity. The problem with this scenario is that even a raised seal can be forged and, therefore, the authenticity of the document may be suspect. Also, since a raised seal can only be applied to paper, it cannot be used with electronic copies of documents.

TrueCertify provides an alternative to a raised seal and enables certified documents to be delivered electronically. It’s a much more robust mechanism for assuring document authenticity that is virtually impossible to circumvent or forge.

How Does it Work?

It’s a simple process. A clerk uses the TrueCertify software to create a special version of the target document that includes a unique cover page. The cover page identifies the document and provides an encryption key and a link to a Web portal from which the original document can be visually verified. (The portal can be set up on the customer’s Web site or at

To ensure that all the pages are present and in the right order during the visual verification process, each page of the TrueCertify document is marked in the bottom margin with special identifying information.

To prevent the indefinite reuse of a TrueCertify document (which protects the clerk's office from third-party abuse of the process), a TrueCertify document can be configured to expire within a specific time frame. Moreover, documents cannot be stolen from the TrueCertify portal because all documents are encrypted, and the portal does not contain a copy of the encryption keys.

A certified document from TrueCertify can be sent instantly via email as a PDF or can be printed and delivered in paper form to a waiting customer.

Why Use it?

With the many benefits provided by TrueCertify, rather than “Why use it,” the real question here is why not! TrueCertify saves time and money, reduces paper, is good for the environment, enhances constituent service and ensures document authenticity. Additionally, TrueCertify
is compatible with OnBase, by Hyland Software, and Microsoft SharePoint.

By eliminating the need to print and copy paper documents, TrueCertify saves a significant amount of staff time, plus reduces paper consumption and copying costs. Using less paper has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.

Because it enables citizens to obtain certified documents via the Web without leaving their home or office, it’s a convenience and time saver for them too.

Most important, the added security measures inherent in the system prevent tampering and help ensure document integrity so that those that receive a TrueCertify-generated document will know, without doubt, that it’s certified and true.